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Secrets of the classification of the wire and cable industry

Release time:2020-12-25 11:13:16Popularity:

1. Flame retardant wire and cable

       Flame retardant refers to retarding and delaying the spread of flames along wires and cables, so that the fire does not expand. This type of cable has self-extinguishing performance after fire.

       Flame retardant cables can be divided into three grades according to the national test standard (GB12666-99): ZRA, ZRB, ZRC&nbsq; in general product naming, ZRA is usually represented by GZR, which is called high flame retardant cable or oxygen barrier cable or high Flame retardant oxygen barrier cable. ZRC means ZR in general flame retardant products. The Internet TV line is different.

       2. Fire-resistant wire and cable

       Fire resistance refers to the ability to maintain a certain period of time under the condition of flame burning, that is, to maintain the integrity of the circuit. This type of cable has a certain period of power supply capacity in the flame.

       Fire-resistant cables can be divided into two levels according to the national experimental standard (GB12666-99): NHA and NHB; in general product naming, NHA is usually represented by GNH, which is called high-fire-resistant cable. NHB is expressed as NH in general refractory products. The Internet TV line is different.

       3. Low-smoke and halogen-free wires and cables

       Low-smoke means that wire and cable combustion produces less smoke and dust, that is, higher light transmittance; halogen-free means that the wire and cable materials do not contain halogen (chlorine, bromine, etc.), and the combustion products are less corrosive.

       Because low-smoke and halogen-free wires and cables cause little harm to the environment when they are used, they are called clean cables or environmentally friendly cables in some places; as the country has not yet specified a unified naming rule for this product, various manufacturers have taken care when formulating corporate standards. The products have different models, which are WL-YJE, WL-YJE23 in our company; the possible models are WD-YJE, DW-YJE, YJS, YJE. The Internet TV line is different.

       4. Mineral insulated cables

       Mineral insulated cables are referred to as MI cables, or magnesium oxide insulated cables. They are composed of metal cores, magnesium oxide insulating layers and metal sheaths; the general models are BTTQ, BTTZ, Q means light, and Z means heavy. Since mineral insulated cables are made of inorganic materials, they have the advantages of fire resistance, explosion-proof, waterproof, corrosion resistance, safety and reliability. The Internet TV line is different.

       1. Flame retardant properties

       ZR-general flame retardant ZRA-type A flame retardant ZRB-type B flame retardant ZRC-type C flame retardant

       2. The purpose of the cable

       K-control cable B-wiring type DJ (J)-computer cable

       Power cable omitted

       3. Insulation

       V——Polyvinyl chloride Y——Polyethylene YJ——Cross-linked polyethylene F——Fluoroplastic G——Silicone rubber

       4. Conductor material

       T——copper conductor (omitted) L——aluminum conductor KX, EX, SC, KC, JX, TX——alloy wire for compensation wire

       5. Sheath

       V-polyvinyl chloride Y-polyethylene F-fluoroplastics G-silicone rubber

       6. Conductor structure

       R-flexible structure (5th and 6th conductors)

       No. 1 and 2 conductors can be omitted

       7. Shield

       P-copper wire braided shield P1-tinned braided shield P2-copper tape wrapped shield

       P3 (PL)-aluminum foil wrapping shield

       8. Armour layer

       22-Steel tape armored PVC sheath 23-Steel tape armored polyethylene sheath

       32-thin steel wire armored PVC sheath 33­-thin steel wire armored polyethylene sheath

       42-Thick steel wire armored PVC sheath 43-Thick steel wire armored polyethylene sheath

       Questions about the cable model

       1. SYV: solid polyethylene insulated radio frequency coaxial cable

       2. SYWV(Y): Physically foamed polyethylene insulated cable television system cable, video (RF) coaxial cable (SYV, SYWV, SYFV) is suitable for closed-circuit monitoring and cable television projects

       SYWV (Y), SYKV cable TV, broadband network special cable structure: (coaxial cable) single oxygen-free round copper wire + physical foamed polyethylene (insulation) + (tin wire + aluminum) + polyvinyl chloride (polyethylene) )

       3. Signal control cable (RVV sheathed wire, RVVP shielded wire) is suitable for building intercom, anti-theft alarm, fire protection, automatic meter reading and other projects

       RVVP: Copper core PVC insulated shielded PVC sheathed flexible cable voltage 300V/300V 2-24 core

       Purpose: instrument, meter, intercom, monitoring, control installation

       4. RG: Physically foamed polyethylene insulated access network cable is used to transmit data and analog signals in the coaxial optical fiber hybrid network (HFC)

       5. KVVP: PVC sheathed braided shielded cable Use: signal transmission, control and measurement of electrical appliances, meters, and power distribution devices

       6. RVV (227IEC52/53) PVC insulated flexible cable use: household appliances, small electric tools, instruments and power lighting

       7. AVVR PVC sheathed flexible cable for installation

       8. SBVV HYA data communication cable (indoor and outdoor) is used for the connection of telephone communication and radio equipment and the wiring of the junction box of the telephone wiring network

       9. RV, RVP polyvinyl chloride insulated cables

       10. RVS, RVB are suitable for connecting cables for household appliances, small electric tools, instruments, meters and power lighting

       11. BV, BVR polyvinyl chloride insulated cables. Uses: suitable for fixed wiring of electrical appliances, instrumentation and power lighting

       12. RIB speaker cable (fever cable)

       13. KVV PVC insulated control cable use: signal transmission, control and measurement of electrical appliances, meters, and power distribution devices

       14. SFTP twisted pair transmission telephone, data and information network

       15. UL2464 computer cable

       16. VGA monitor cable

       17. SYV coaxial cable transmits radio frequency signals in wireless communication, broadcasting, monitoring system engineering and related electronic equipment (including comprehensive coaxial cables)

       18. SDFAVP, SDFAVVP, SYFPY coaxial cable, dedicated for elevator

       19. JVPV, JVPVP, JVVP copper core PVC insulated and sheathed copper wire braided electronic computer control cable

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