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Cable product knowledge training

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【Anhui Exxon Technology Group Co., Ltd.】

Attach importance to product quality and strengthen employee education-------cable product knowledge training

       In order to strengthen the quality requirements of the company’s military products and improve the professional level of employees, Exxon Group conducted a cable product knowledge training in the company’s fourth floor meeting room on the afternoon of May 20, 2021. This training was organized by the company’s senior engineers. Mr. Zhengping Zhou served as a lecturer, training related personnel in military production and quality assurance on the key points of military production.


       At the beginning of the training, Mr. Zhou enumerated the company's product quality problems in the past and a series of losses caused by quality problems. Combined with the company's actual cases, it caused attention to product quality problems.

       First of all, solve the problem from the source. In the final analysis, the occurrence of quality problems is still not a thorough understanding of product knowledge. Mr. Zhou systematically explained the basic knowledge of cable products to the trainees. This process not only allows new employees to have a basic understanding of the products produced, but also a review for old employees, to straighten out some of the previous fuzzy concepts, and to understand the products. The production, inspection and other processes are more convenient.


       The second is the focus of this training course: product quality issues. The quality of products is the most important thing, especially the quality requirements of military products are higher and stricter. Mr. Zhou listed some issues that should be paid attention to in the production process of military products, including the materials used, product models, product specifications, requirements during the production process, and storage issues after cable formation. There are clear and specific regulations, which must be implemented in strict accordance with product standards.



       At the same time, Mr. Zhou also shared some of his own experience in military production for many years, and gave solutions and emergency measures to the problems that easily occurred in each process, so as to help everyone better put into work.

       After , there was a small symposium. Through the exchanges and reflections between employees, everyone actively expressed their ideas about the problems encountered in the past production process and deepened their understanding of product quality process control.


       This training has increased employees' understanding of military product production and increased their attention to product quality issues. Exxon Group will continue to strengthen employee learning, continue to attach importance to product quality, and improve the quality of Exxon Group's products.

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