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DX800 diffused silicon transmitter

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product manual:

       The mounting flange standard of the 3351LT flange type liquid level transmitter is in accordance with ANSI. The flange has 3" and 4" specifications. The flange grade is divided into 150LB (2.5MPa) and 300LB (5.0MPa). The flange installation dimensions are shown in The chart below. If the user adopts the GB9116-88 standard, please specify DN=80, 100, PN=2MPa. Wetted diaphragm materials include 316L, Hastelloy C-276, Monel, tantalum, etc. If the user does not specify, it will be supplied with 3"150LB mounting flange and wetted diaphragm material 31.

       product manual:

       Select imported high-performance isolated diffused silicon sensor using advanced manufacturing technology in the 1990s, with the robustness and reliability of similar imported transmitters, suitable for gauge pressure, absolute pressure and negative pressure of corrosive media in various industrial fields Detection.

       The main technical parameters

       Power supply: 24VCD output 4-20mA two-wire system

       0 position adjustable range: ±5%FS

       Range adjustment ratio: 3:1 or more

       Load characteristics: load within 0~600Ω (24VDC power supply) to maintain constant current output

       Flameproof type dⅡBT4, intrinsically safe type iaⅡCT5

       Overpressure limit: 2 times the upper limit pressure

       Temperature range: over time: -20~60℃

       Environment: -20~60℃

       Storage: -40~80℃

       Stability: ±0.2%FS

       Weight: about 1kg

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