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The significance of controlling cable appearance structure size to ensure product performance

Release time:2020-01-26 09:57:03Popularity:

The appearance quality of the product is very important. Generally, the impression given to users is the appearance quality of the product. Therefore, all good products pay attention to the appearance quality. For the appearance quality, production workers and inspectors should not ignore it. Strict control is required to ensure the appearance quality .

       Visual inspection. For the inspector, it is not an easy task. The main visual inspection scale is not well grasped. If the same product is inspected by different inspectors, different conclusions may be obtained. Nevertheless, as long as we earnestly study and master the standards, continue to accumulate experience, and use standard samples for inspection when necessary, we can do a good job in product appearance inspection.

       1. Round aluminum rod

       It is required to check the degree of roundness, whether there are defects such as hemming, wrong rounding, cracks, inclusions, kinks, and serious mechanical damage scars, pits, peeling, flashing, corrosion spots, etc.

       2. Round copper wire

       Check whether the surface is smooth, whether there are triangles, burrs, cracks, folds, inclusions, serious scars, pits, and corrosion spots caused by mechanical damage. It is worth mentioning that there is also the degree of oxidation of the copper wire. Generally, golden yellow is normal, light red is slightly oxidized, and when the surface is dark red or blue, it is severely oxidized. Any severe oxidation should be judged as waste disposal. There are many problems with aluminum wire in the manufacturing process, so strict control should be taken when making overhead transmission lines.

       3. On the surface of the aluminum wire, the wires should be twisted tightly and neatly, and there should be no looseness, kinking of single wires, jumping out or bulging of single wires, and breaking of single wires. In addition, the welded joints of the single-wire joints should be rounded and the welding has required anti-corrosion treatment. The enlarged part of the joints is generally not allowed to exceed twice the diameter tolerance. The distance between the two welds of the single-wire joints must also meet the standard. The welding point should not be less than 15 meters. The distance between the inner layer and the outer layer of the same layer of non-single wire two welding points is not less than 5 meters, and the outer layer is not less than 15 meters. When the copper core is a single copper wire, welding is not allowed. 4 Appearance and structure size of the cable

       The appearance, structure and size of the cable are generally inspected interspersed or at the same time. The quality of the product depends on whether its performance is good or not, but the quality of its appearance and structure size also account for a certain proportion. The appearance and structure of the product The size has an influence on the performance of the cable.

       a. Partially thinned, causing local heating, increased resistance, and accelerated insulation aging.

       b. Oxidation rust spots affect the conductor joints, the resistance increases, and the insulation is easy to age.

       c. Bumps or scratches affect the mechanical strength of the conductor.

       The visual inspection of the cable is to check the surface condition of the finished product, semi-finished product or material, and the size inspection is to assess each product according to the size of each part specified in the product standard. The structural inspection of the cable refers to the inspection of the structure of each component of the cable. Visual inspection such as the oxidation of copper wire has an impact on the quality of the cable. The size can directly affect the performance of the product, such as the outer diameter of the conductor and its resistance. Relevant; insulation thickness and resistance are related to withstand voltage; twisted wire pitch is related to product flexibility and firmness. Structural inspection can expose the manufacturing quality of the cable and discover problems in the production process. Therefore, controlling the appearance and structural dimensions is the guarantee of product performance.

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